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Universities in Manipur

Updated on: Apr 26, 2013

Manipur is an ideal place for education offering a wide range of colleges, which is therefore divided into several courses. The two prominent universities in Manipur include Manipur Central Agricultural University, established in 1992 and the other one Manipur University, established in 1980, under the Manipur act number 8.

Manipur Central Agricultural University offer a variety of regular courses such as, Mtech, BS tech, MJ and so on, apart from these, there are also courses for foreign students. The university also provides modern facilities such as laboratories and computers. Including Manipur Central Agricultural University, as your choice will lead you to a bright future.

Manipur University on the other hand has 72 affiliated colleges with the corresponding courses such as Medicine, Law, Architecture and IT. Apart from the regular courses, Manipur university also gives emphasis in the field of engineering with the courses offered such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and so on.

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