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Colleges in Manipur

The educational needs of the people of the state of Manipur are met by the colleges and institutes in Manipur. Manipur is home to several colleges and institutes in Manipur that specialize in providing the students with technical knowledge in the streams of arts, commerce and science.

The courses offered by the colleges and institutes of Manipur are approved by the All-India Council for Technical Education. Most of the educational institute and colleges are affiliated to the Manipur University that has its campus situated in the center of the city of Imphal. Classes on law and computer applications are provided within the campus of the university. Other than the colleges that function under the Manipur University, there are other autonomous colleges and institutes at Manipur that format their own syllabus and conduct their own examination. While some of the academic institutes are private institutes, some of the colleges in the state of Manipur are set up by the government.
Most of the medical institutes and engineering colleges of the state of Manipur are located in the capital city of Imphal, which is the hub of education in the state.